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i'm not sure how many of you still have this place on your friendslist, but let's see if this gets your attention:

yes, okay, there we go <3
basically, here's the deal. for years now i have wanted to set up a kenneth fansite, not to try & outdo the beloved compendium, but something a bit different, a bit more aesthetic & a bit more modern-fansite. so i'm asking you wonderful, wonderful people if you'd be interested in submitting your icons, or in fact anything else you've made of kenneth, to the site. i intend to work on it over summer when i'm done with university until september, but i want to have as much together as possible before the eventua launch. you'll all be credited for everything you submit & i'll link back to wherever you want me to.

when the site gets under way, i'll also be looking for graphics-heads to help me out along the way & keep the content growing, and any help that anyone wishes to give, including submitting articles & scan etc would be highly appreciated!

so, if anyone is interested, please comment with some love <3

oh, & also check out capslock_hamlet - it is a truly excellent community full of ken-love & lulz.

love, your mod.

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